Client: University of Alberta
Location: Old Arts Building, 4th Floor, Feminist Data Lab

The artwork is about contrast, and to spark creative thinking. It combines contrasts in colour/greyscale, hard and soft shapes, strength and fragility, nature and technology, and different senses of sight, touch, texture, sounds, states. Painted with help from Halie Finney.


Client: Beltline Urban Murals Project (BUMP)
Location: Devonian Gardens, The Core, Calgary.

Title: Capture to Preserve / Painted with Christian Fredericksen

This is a series capturing traditional practices of healing, natural medicine, and self care - surrounded by plants that represent health, prosperity, and luck. Tea is also poured as an act of greeting and sharing space. 


Location: Alberta Craft Gallery (10186 106 St, Edmonton)
Title: Craft Tats

3 surfaces/mural to wrap aroung the full building of Alberta Craft. The front wall features Artist goods, the side wall shows the process of making, and the back wall is my own take of ornamentation. Painted in collaboration with MacEwan University students: Thea Donovan, Phoebe Hijmans, Aleesha Amjad, Elena Mercuri, Isabella Camerino. 


Client: Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse (CCASA), Calgary

Big thanks to: Paula Russel, Meg Martin, Mallory McGraw, and Danielle Aubry

Identity Project, including educational zines, mural, merchandise, and illustrations.


Location: Edmonton Unlimited
Client: Vignettes / Leigh Wright

A wall wrap mural for Edmonton Unlimited